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I am currently at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (Florida Atlantic University), working with Dr. Mike Twardowski. My research focuses on problems of imaging and vision underwater.

Heard about Sea-thru? See this page for publication details, and this article in the Scientific American for an explanation of the method. [Note: Sea-thru does not need a color chart to work.]

Download my CV here.

Contact me at

Upcoming Talks:​

  • Melbourne, FL 12/06/2019, Florida Tech

  • Ankara 02/16/2020 TEDxMETU Ankara

  • Istanbul 02/17/2020 Istanbul University

  • San Diego, CA 02/20/2020 OSM

  • Woods Hole, MA 03/06/2020 WHOI

  • Boston, MA 03/7/2020 Boston Sea Rovers​

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